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Chinas hardware mold industry has a number of positive development process to speed up


Mold industry of manufacturing industry transition upgrade supporting role is widely recognized, although last year, the world economic recovery, lack of motivation, and the European debt crisis fermentation on our country's economy, serious, China's mold industry still achieved a rapid growth, it is understood that our country mold exports amounted to to $37.31 billion, an increase of 24.16%.
In 2016, the global economic situation is still not optimistic, but the slow recovery trend has been very obvious. International Model Association Secretary General Luo Baihui believes that China as a manufacturing power of the basic pattern will not change, the pace of manufacturing power into the manufacturing industry will not s, but will accelerate the transformation and upgrading. China's mold industry this year, there are a number of good, the development process is likely to accelerate.
1 the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand will promote the development of China's manufacturing industry. Which car, home appliances, IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities, such as the development of large user industry, will continue to provide a large market space for the mold industry development. For example, automobile manufacturing process in more than 90 percent of the mold, automotive mold accounted for more than one-third of the total amount of China's mold of Germany, Japan, the United States accounted for more than 40%, the development of automobile die is mainly dependent on the launch of new models.
2 industrial developed countries due to manufacturing costs and other reasons, the middle and low mold, including part of the demand for high-end mold mainly through external procurement. China's mold level and export capabilities can completely meet the needs of the market, so the mold is a huge market space.
3 after 30 years of development, China's mold industry, the basic integrity of the system, a substantial increase in the level of technology, management capabilities continue to progress. Outlook 2016, by accelerating the transformation and upgrading, enhance innovation capability, enhance the level of products, mold industry growth of 10% is to grasp the. At the same time, because of the comparative advantages of China's mold in the international market still exist, the annual export growth rate of 20% or so is possible.