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2016 China metal mold industry is expected to break through the bottleneck


Although the importance of metal mold industry has been more and more people know and pay attention to, but at present the development of metal mold industry does exist the bottleneck, the profit space is gradually reduced, the market competition is further intensified. Therefore, many mechanical metal mold industry in droves of e-commerce development, hope can be used on the Internet to find a breakthrough.
Development of deep blue ocean market opening
Today, the development of China's metal mold industry can be described in four words - deep bottleneck. In recent years, China hardware mold industry market size is essentially the same, shrinking profits in the market, enterprises have a piece of the Red Sea market in fighting, and in recent years, many enterprises smell a piece of blue ocean market -- the Internet.
The Internet is indeed a blue ocean market mold industry. Face is not broaden a piece of blue ocean market, Xiaobian want to say a word heard the words -- such as the one in the Red Sea market fight, still be inferior to blue ocean market broaden a belongs to own world, to earn first pot of gold in the blue ocean market. This is a small series of very agree with a word, open a blue ocean market, breaking the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, to find out their own piece of the day.
Open blue ocean market to achieve the way to break through the enterprise
Blue ocean market, in fact, is not difficult to find a lot of enterprises are the development of online and offline relationship. In China, e-commerce originated in the 1990s, the earliest engaged in the electronic commerce of the first group of people now seems to be the leader of China's 500 enterprises or industry electricity supplier industry, such as Ma, Ma, Liu Qiang East, Lei and so on.
The reason is to open the blue ocean market, can break through the geographical restrictions on the development of enterprises and reduce operating costs. But many companies are distressed, into the Internet has long, the Internet does not bring a lot of benefits to the enterprise. On the one hand is the enterprise into the Internet, and not very good advantage and cost; on the other hand is the enterprise does not have a good use of the internet. Comprehensive above two aspects, the current enterprise in the blue ocean market, thrown in the exploratory stage.
Breakthrough of the way China hardware mold industry is expected to become the world's largest
With the help of B2C platform, China's hardware mold industry is expected to become the world's largest. Traditional enterprise is not the first to understand the Internet, can not make a lot of things to make decisions, followed by the enterprise cost planning is not reasonable or budget is not enough.
Enterprises to join the B2C industry Web site, such as the current types of the most complete hardware mold professional B2C platform - poly model network. Enterprises can obtain, release and exchange a variety of products and business information through the network, can expand their visibility, access to huge business opportunities. And many enterprises to join also make the site continues to grow, gradually increase the visibility and influence of the site, in order to attract more enterprises to join, more and more enterprises to better promotion effect, is a virtuous cycle.
2016 China's mold industry is expected to break through the bottleneck, open a blue ocean market, with the B2C website, to achieve a strong combination of the myth of the enterprise.