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Application of 3D printing technology in auto parts industry


These years, the Chinese automobile independent brand has made great progress, although are hard to get rid of the limitation of market positioning, product manufacturing technical limitations, but the brand seems to have gradually find the suitable for their own product line. In spite of this, we are still in the car manufacturing power rather than the position of the car power, which, China's auto parts manufacturers have not yet formed the core competitiveness may be one of the main reasons.
At present, China's auto parts industry production technology, manufacturing standards can not meet the requirements of the majority of the vehicle plant, the core technology is almost monopolized by multinational companies, to achieve technological innovation seems to be very far away. Recently in the global warming, into the fast lane of 3D printing technology, the Chinese auto parts can achieve innovation to bring new change?
3D print for simplicity
Nowadays, hot 3D printing technology is the world's first information technology research and Analysis Agency Gartner summarized and analysis is one of the 2014 ten strategic technology trends, and was the British "economist" is regarded as "and other modes of digital production together promote the realization of the third industrial revolution". In the United States, 3D printing national innovation center is planning to establish, and China has also ushered in the dividend policy, the Ministry of science and technology has been included in the 863 Program 3D print, and set up the world's first 3D printing industry alliance.
At present, 3D printing products are emerging in an endless stream, involving crafts, human organs, aircraft and automotive parts. The world's first 3D printing car Urbee2, parts and components for its only about 50, and a standard car is need to tens of thousands of components composition, the minimalist brought almost to the new production concept.
3D printing technology of the hot hand from the technology to meet the needs of change in industrial production, towards the rapid and low-cost development direction, on the other hand from on the cross in the field of production mode, can realize multi domain general, can effectively will be large-scale production and manual production melt in one, which in terms of the traditional mold production can be described as the destructive innovation.
And 3D printing technology for the impact of the automotive parts industry, may be more durable, far-reaching. Mentioned above, the 3D printing car Urbee2, including glass panels, all external components by 3D printing technology, at first glance, the use of 3D printing technology has greatly streamlined the number of auto parts, essentially, 3D printing technology can promote the innovation ability of the automobile parts industry.
Start with sample preparation
3D printing technology advantage is that it can quickly change design errors, improve production efficiency, reduce development costs. Compared to the traditional mold development, as well as forging, casting and other complex processes, simplifying the intermediate links, thereby reducing the consumption of human and material resources, shorten the development cycle. Relative to the current domestic parts and components for more than 45 days of the development cycle, 3D printing technology based on the complexity of the parts, only 1~7 days of development cycle, and in the manufacture of complex parts has a prominent advantage.
For the independent brand suppliers, parts and components of the sample test is a very important part of the test field. Sample trial if the traditional manufacturing process, you often need to be many mold development and the complex process to production, thus greatly pulled the trial sample of the cost. The application of 3D printing technology may be able to make up the short board. Ford is said to in components of the R & D and manufacturing sectors have 3D printing technology involved, and open up a 3D sand to print, the technology to produce a series with subtle differences can test components to choose from. Until the election of the best parts, with the off-line models.
Penetration automobile customization
With the development of mobile Internet, cloud computing and other new information technology, personal experience end end and more diverse, people for the pursuit is not affected by external environment restraint free experience more intense, the personalized demand has become increasingly evident.
This demand also impels the social production and manufacturing mode change. The significance of 3D printing technology is that it can make people combine the digital world with the real production more closely. For example some time ago, Motorola and 3D printing manufacturers 3DSystem developed 3D printing production platform project ARA, blew into the open-source mobile hardware system of the horn, the main purpose of this project is mobile phone users to produce personalized, at the appointed time, users can like assembling a PC that choose different hardware to piece together into personalization equipment.
Of course, not just the phone, the Internet brings personalized also urged the arrival of personalized custom car. With the auto update frequency and upgrading accelerate, people on the function of auto option demand also gradually deepening, perhaps in the near future, the car can be to achieve a deeper level of customization, rather than the simple visual distinguishing.
And the custom car sales, the biggest problem Mo too customization will prolonged stage of production efficiency, and bring about the difficulty of the production scale. At this point, the application of 3D printing technology may be able to bring a greater imagination. People can get their favorite auto parts such as ara hardware platform, such as car bumpers, mirror and other interior and exterior trim to assemble into your own customized car. In addition, the use of 3D printing technology components can also reduce the maintenance costs, the damaged, the shortage of parts printed out, but also reduce the cost of inventory.
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