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Chinas mold manufacturing market is becoming increasingly international


Under the condition that the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more international, shortening the product development cycle and reducing the investment risks of new products is the key to the enterprise's retention. In recent years, the manufacturing strategy of the manufacturing industry is focused on the cost and quality of the time and the response of the heavy shift. Rapid diversification of products onto the market is manufacturers to grasp market opportunities for retention of the major security, quick response manufacturing has become the focus of international research, came into being the rapid prototyping / rapid tooling / rapid manufacturing technology for enterprise competitiveness provides an advanced means. The technology is based on cumulative material forming a new manufacturing technology, it was thought the manufacturing scale in the 20th century, a revolutionary break, injection mold, die casting mold, stamping mold manufacturing, cheek by jowl all kinds of complex mold, and has been widely used in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, home appliances, wealth, medical, construction, arts and crafts building, and children's toys and scale, and follow the craft their inexhaustible growth and perfect, the application scale will be inexhaustible extension.
In the automotive, home appliance manufacturing industry, mold forming parts accounted for 50% to 70% of the manufacturing hours. Mold manufacturing is the bottleneck which restricts the development of the our country automobiles, home appliances, light industry and other industries and key, followed by rapid prototyping hardware and software and rapid prototyping materials inexhaustible growth and perfect, the strength and precision of rapid prototyping parts obtain inexhaustible forward, rapid prototyping technology has gradually deep into rapid tooling manufacturing scale, based on Rapid Prototyping style in manufacturing all kinds of simple rapid economic mold has become the application of RP & m the hot ic in the problem.
Rapid prototyping technology, of course, is not long, but because it brings huge benefits to the manufacturing industry makes the application of this technology is increasingly common, especially to the mold design and manufacturing has brought a leap. Rapid prototyping technology can be accurate construction of mold core and cavity, can also be directly used to inject plastic sample construction, in order to detect and correct rendering of the error. Because the rapid prototype manufacturing of this new technology applications, so that the mold design and manufacturing is slowly moving towards digital, fast, so that the mold manufacturing in the shortened cycle, reduce the cost of the course, a big step forward.