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Taizhou Yangnuo mold equipment Co., Ltd.

      Taizhou Yangnuo mold equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional motor stator and rotor punching production and development of enterprises. The company is located in the coastal city of Taizhou, Jiaojiang City, Zhejiang province.
       The company was founded in 2011, the company currently has nearly more than and 10 sets of more advanced dual point of high speed punch and a number of hydraulic pressure machine tool. The main products are starting motor stamping parts, motor and steering motor to start the stamping parts, General Motors 110--160 stamping parts, cleaning agent motor and air compressor motor stamping parts. Products up to international and domestic advanced standards, with many domestic famous enterprises and well-known automobile manufacturers supporting. Taizhou Yangzhen mold will be to serve the public responsibility, relying on advanced business philosophy, scientific management, advanced equipment and technology generated high quality products, reflect the quality of service, continuous development, expansion, welcomed the cooperation, and seek common development, and work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow.